Our favorite statistically unique identifier (00000000–0000–0000–0000–000000000000)


  • A UUID (universally unique identifier) is a statistically unique identifier
  • It looks like this: 60f9496b-621c-48d8–8cba-1ebdd866a030
  • There are more possible UUIDs than there are grains of sand on Earth
  • It is 128-bit value expressed as 32 hexadecimal characters plus dashes for readability
  • A GUID (globally…

How fast is a 2.5 GHz computer and what does that mean?

The term “gigahertz” is composed of two parts, “giga” and “hertz”. To understand “gigahertz” we’ll dive into what each of these parts mean separately, and then apply this understanding to what in relation to a computer, and more specifically a computer’s CPU.

Let’s start with the “hertz” part of “gigahertz.”

Hertz (Hz) and Frequency

Reduce cognitive load with a consistent approach


There are many ways to loop over collections, objects and arrays. Many of them are great for specific use cases. We’ll discuss a “nice” way to iterate over the items of collections, which will cover most use cases.

What is “Nice”?

Before I talk about the method of looping over collections, let me…

Using mongodump with mongorestore

The exercise here is to move the records of a Mongo collection from one Mongo server to another. One use case for this is to copy a collection, or part of a collection, from a production environment into a development environment.

Our Setup

In our example, we’ll have two database servers that…

How to get the data inside the data

Javascript Destructuring Assignment

Modern JavaScript allows us to define variables quickly from existing collections, objects, and arrays, or values. This shorthand is called destructuring assignment, or destructuring for short. If a collection contains other collections as elements, those collections can also be destructured.

Simple Object Destructuring

Here we have a simple object obj from which we…

Helpful shorthands for modern JavaScript

Enter Javascript Ellipses (…)

Modern JavaScript allows us to use three dots, , also known as an ellipsis, to perform certain transformations and shorthand methods. The use of ellipses falls into two categories: rest syntax and spread syntax. I’ll explain each of these in turn.

Rest Syntax

Rest syntax allows a programmer to retrieve the remaining…

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